Good Show – TRUXPO

Last week at this time I was attending TRUXPO 2012, billed as Western Canada’s largest trucking and logistics show in Abbotsford, BC.  The show was very good and well organized.  It was your typical trucking show – nice shiny new trucks, vendors of all varieties, and opportunities to job hunt for those who wanted to.

My plan was to write a little story about the show and have it published on one of the sites I write for, but the organizers of the show were unable (hopefully not unwilling) to comment.  So, I decided to just pass on the article and move forward with the multitude of ideas I came up with from the show and get in touch with many of the folks I networked with.

But then I read the press release (  summarizing the show and begin to wonder if perhaps the reason there was no comment was the differing perception I would have of the show.  Again, it was a good show.  But 8500 visitors?  Hmmmm, there must have been a mad rush at the end.  The ‘Recruiting Here’ feature was nice, but there were very few booths actually recruiting.  The outdoor exhibit may have grown this year, but it makes one wonder what it was like in prior years.  There’s nothing wrong with putting a positive spin on things, but from what I experienced this is quite the spin.

The one area that really stood out as a success was the seminar portion.  The one’s I saw were well attended and the presenters were very good.  Whatever the organizers did to promote those or choose those is perhaps the one area other shows should follow.

I still can’t get past the attendance figure provided – though that is “registered attendees” and perhaps not actual attendees.  I spoke with multiple vendors who were a little concerned about the lack of attendance, even questioning the location of the event – a very nice community, but well off the beaten path.

During the show itself the show manager was less interested in what my perceptions of the show might be and how he could help develop a story and more interested in making certain I wasn’t really there to sell ads (I’ve never been a salesman and have no desire to be one).

Again, I had a very enjoyable and informative time at TRUXPO 2012 and am glad I experienced it.  It’s always beneficial for me to see new technologies and talk to those in the industry about the issues/concerns they have.  This is a good show worth attending for those who make it to Abbotsford.  Hopefully it will continue to grow and become everything the press release said it was this year.