Coping with Tragedy

Unfortunately, tragedies occur on a regular basis.  Some are well publicized and some are not.  The horrific tragedy of Newton, Connecticut, once again brings the attention of the nation and the world to how we deal with tragedy as a community and as an individual……… Whether it’s one of the horrific tragedies of 2012 (Aurora, Connecticut) or a less publicized tragedy, how we cope is always important.

Read the entire article at for information on how the unique job of OTR drivers can make it challenging to deal with tragedies.

Also in the article, Dr. David Reiss, a practicing psychiatrist for 25 years who specializes in “front line” adult and adolescent psychiatric care and has spent time working with truck drivers as they cope with individual tragedies, offers suggestions on how to best cope with tragedies.

Michael HoweYou can also listen to a PodCast of a Dr. Reiss talking to Michael Howe about how OTR Drivers can cope with tragic circumstances and being alone.  Listen by clicking here:  Coping With Tragedy

Learn more about Dr. Reiss by visiting his web site.


Program Keeps Trucking Despite Low Interest

My December 2012 column in Challenge Magazine focuses on the Mexican trucking cross-border program, and specifically the lack of participation in the program.  It’s this lack of participation that has caught the attention of some.

In the column, I write “The never-ending saga that is the Mexican trucking cross-border program continues to see support from the administration, and to some degree in Congress, but apparently not from the trucking industry….”

Click here to read the entire column and to find out why Congressman John Mica told me he is concerned about the lack of participation in the program. 

In addition to the column, I had the opportunity to visit with Peter Boyles on 630 KHOW in Denver, Colorado, about the issue.

Listen to the audio here:  PeterBoylesKHOW12052012

Howe to talk Border Trucking on Denver Radio

Michael Howe Hosts "In the Booth"Michael Howe, seasoned trucking industry writer, will join the Peter Boyles Show on Talk Radio 630 KHOW in Denver tomorrow, December 5, at 6:00am Mountain Time.

Visit the KHOW website to listen online.

Mike has been a frequent guest on the show, updating listeners about the Cross Border Program with Mexico and other transportation issues.

Mike will specifically talk about his December Challenge Magazine “Trucking Through DC” column “Cross Border Program Lacks Participants.”  Read the column here.

Talking Trucking with John Mica

My interview with outgoing House Transportation Chairman John L. Mica in Challenge Magazine this month sheds some light on the future of transportation policy.

Mica says, “We must ensure that federal highway projects will be streamlined even further and private sector investment will be increased, so that our available resources are best put to use and not wasted. Continuing to cut red tape, reform programs and eliminate unnecessary programs is critical to positioning U.S. truckers to compete and thrive in a globalized market.”

Read my entire interview with Congressman John Mica in the December 2012 issue of Challenge Magazine.

UPDATE: At the time of this interview Chairman Mica had hoped to retain the Chairmanship of the House Transportation Committee. Due to House rules though, he was term limited and ultimately chose not to seek a waiver to the rules.  He did endorse Congressman Bill Shuster (R – PA) as chairmain.  Shuster will become the Chairman when the next Congress is sworn in this January 2013. Though Rep. Mica will not be the Chairman, he continues to be influential on transportation policy and provides good insight as to what the industry might expect with the new Congress.

Related: Read Congressman Shuster’s statement on being selected the next Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.