Social Media in Trucking

The power of social media excites me!  I’ve long been an advocate for the use of social media and have, in fact, encouraged several companies and individuals to embrace it.  While the platforms may change from time to time there is little doubt Web 2.0 is a powerful communication tool that is here to stay.

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My latest feature in Woodward Publishing’s Western Trucking News (also published in Ontario Trucking News and Eastern Trucking News, all Canadian publications) highlights just a couple of ways the trucking industry is using social media.  Obviously there is much more, from driver recruitment to safety messages to more.

Read the Social Media in Trucking Feature by clicking here.

Also enjoy my other feature in the same Western Trucking News about Social Media Success Stories in Trucking.

Special thanks to my friends at the Manitoba Trucking Association, Shell Rotella, and Allen Smith of the Truck Driver Social Media Convention for their help with the article.

Success With Social Media

There’s little doubt that social media has had a significant impact on the way we communicate.  In another aspect of what I do I have given presentations to and trained small and large groups on the basic use of social media, so I know the value.  But, it’s more than just a basic means of keeping in touch – it is an effective advocacy tool as well.

My latest feature in Woodward Publishing’s Western Trucking News (and also published in the June 2013 editions of Ontario Trucking News and Eastern Trucking News – all Canadian publications) highlights two social media successes in the trucking industry.

While the brevity of the feature does not do these efforts the justice they deserve it is my hope that my readers will take the opportunity to learn more on their own.  I have sincere respect and admiration for both Hope Rivenburg and Kylla Leeburg!

Read the feature by clicking here.

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Special thanks to Allen Smith, and Trucking Social Media Convention, for his contributions to the article.